Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Getting Things Done

>> Well, I'm slowly beginning to chip items off my huge to-do list. I officially set a stop-date for AT&T and for Ameren, and I got sized for a mountain bike and helmet. I bought a new cord to go from my Zune to my computer, something I lost awhile back. My laptop is on its way although the keyboard protector arrived today, apparently impatient. I'm going to Chicago this coming weekend for perhaps my last weekend of luxury for a long time. Finally, I bought my mother flowers for Mother's Day, clearly the most important task I've completed thus far.


  1. And you had dinner with me :) I'd say that ranks right below the flowers and just above the mountain bike.

  2. Clearly :) Did I already ask you if you were going to be able to have a meal with me on the 21st?

  3. Surgery homes. :( We need to pick one more day though!

  4. I thought you weren't sure if you were going to go through with that :P

    I'll be back in Champaign tomorrow, and the next time I'm going home is the 19th for a dentist appointment.

    Your move.