Thursday, June 3, 2010


>> Yesterday involved our actual training- working with the other Peace Corps volunteers on various teamwork and friendship-building activities. While I was skeptical about this part of the program since I've done a bunch of these icebreaker-type activites, this was actually a really great time. We laughed a LOT and a lot of friendships were born. We went to a reception at the Peace Corps Headquarters in downtown Washington, DC and were greeted by the Chief of Staff of the Peace Corps as well as a variety of other dignitaries.

Whilst eating some authentic Sierra Leone food, I flipped my plate over, sending cavalla leaves, meatballs, rice, etc. onto the floor and rolling away from me. This happened JUST as the local NBC camera-woman was walking past our row. I frantically try to cut her off and she laughs and says, "I stopped, don't worry." So, I start to clean up my food. (Meanwhile, Regan and Dane are CRYING with laughter). Whilst I'm cleaning, one of the higher-level Peace Corps guys walks up and begins a conversation with the now-calm Dane and Regan while I'm cleaning up my food off the floor not six inches from his shoes. The NBC woman is back and videotaping and is desperately trying to film Regan, Dane, and the Peace Corps representative without getting me in the picture. Feel free to laugh. I certainly did :) After the reception, we went out again to a few bars and enjoyed our last night in the USA. We may or may not have participated in karaoke. I plead the fifth.

Today involved going to the Department of Health and Human Services Building, going through security, and getting our yellow fever shots. The shot was painless but necessary. We proceeded onto Dulles and here I sit, stealing some of Regan's paid Wi-Fi and keeping you up to date. I won't have internet for the next two weeks guaranteed. Let's see how that goes. I love and miss you all :)


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    UGH you spelled REAGAN wrong. How can you insult that GREAT president? UGH


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