Thursday, March 31, 2011

Twenty Dollars

>> I'm not going to add pretext to this, $1 is equal to about ~4300Leones now, so $20 is equivalent to about 80,000 Leones. Some prices of common items:

  1. One trimester of school (20,000Le)

  2. One year of school (60,000Le)

  3. Bottle of Water (3,000Le)

  4. Tin of Sardines (3,000Le)

  5. Bottle of Ketchup (3,500Le)

  6. Serving of Petete Leaf and Rice (1,000Le)

  7. Pack of Cheese (4,500Le)

  8. Bottle of Mayo (18,000Le)

  9. Peanut Butter Cake (100Le)

  10. Pack of Peanuts (100Le)

  11. Charging your Phone (1000Le)

  12. Units to Text (2,200Le)

  13. Can of Baked Beans (4,000Le)

  14. Gallon of Petrol (20,000Le)

  15. Transport from Gbendembu to Makeni (10,000Le)

  16. Transport from Makeni to Gbendembu (15,000Le)

  17. Bottle of Brown Mustard (8,500Le)

  18. Bottle of French Dressing (18,000Le)

  19. Notebook (2,500Le)

  20. Pen (500Le)

  21. Soft Drink (2,000Le)

  22. Roll of Toilet Paper (3,000Le)

  23. Bottle of Honey (3,000Le)

  24. Loaf of Bread (500Le)

  25. Pack of Cakes (500Le)

  26. Packet of Water (500Le)

  27. Boiled Egg (1000Le)

  28. Cup of Rice (900Le)

  29. Medium Onion (500Le)

  30. Large Onion (1000Le)

  31. STAR Beer (3,000Le)

  32. Can of Coke (4,000Le)

  33. 40 Oz. Carlsberg (6,000Le)

  34. small can of Carlsberg (5,000Le)

  35. Gallon of Palm Wine (2,500Le)

  36. Transport from Makeni to Freetown (15,000Le)

  37. Can of Pringles (14,500Le)

  38. Packet of Oreos (6,000Le)

  39. Battery Powered Light (17,000Le)

  40. Packet of 8 Candles (5,000Le)

  41. Kit Kat (4,000Le)

  42. Ginger Beer (500Le)

You can do all the fun conversions for yourself, but these are some of the prices I've encountered in my time here in Sierra Leone. Food for thought. I love and miss you all! :)


  1. just wow! this kind of change in perspective of the monetary value of things makes me hate the concept of money even more that I do now... but thanks :)

  2. yeah.. it kinda made/makes me think about those tabs i had at boltini.. but then i think about how much i love/loved boltini.. i'm a bad person.