Thursday, January 5, 2012

what did we learn

>> for some, i might be humorous. i now walk around my house at about 6:30 with a flashlight, locking every window, acting like some sort of pudgy peace corps night watchman, humming to myself doodley doo dum dum while i lock the windows, double check the back door and front door. after drinking palm wine with foday or whatever the evening's activities are, i lock the front door, put my laptop into my backpack (i no longer leave it at the school overnight. paranoid), along with my camera (because in the parlor its too far away), and zip it up, strip down, get into bed, and basically spoon with my backpack. i have to admit that the backpack never complains about my morning breath, never gets upset when i want to pillow talk, and is always there in the morning waiting for me, with drool marks on the zipper. i think i've found the love of my life. thank you, african thief, for making me stupidly paranoid :) i love and miss you all :)

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