Sunday, July 18, 2010

End of Summer School / Site Introduction

>> The second week of summer school did not go as well as the first for me. My students were far more inconsiderate and they received a far more difficult test from me as a result. I still remain positive about teaching- this simply gives me perspective that school is not always going to be rewarding and hopeful and that there will be bad days, or weeks..
We also learned our sites. Let me elaborate. The first ten weeks are training, where I'm with a host family and trying to learn the popular language (Krio) while learning customs and culture and preparing for being on my own. This is where I am now. It's been relatively easy because my family insists on doing most of the work for me. These next four weeks are going to be insisting on learning how to do chores and tasks so that I can do it on my own at site. After the ten weeks, we move to our site. Each of the 38 (we were 39, I miss you Mylinda) of us has a different site although in some villages there are two volunteers. My village is in the north of Sierra Leone and I'll have to learn the Loko language. Here in Bo I speak Mende and Krio and English, so Loko will be starting over. I can't wait. My next blog post will be at length about my site because I will know much more about it by then. We have a site visit in which I'll be spending three nights there, so I'll definitely be able to tell you much more about it!
I love and miss you all :)

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  1. Hey Meeker,

    Glad to read another post from you. Sorry to hear that the second week did not go as well, but as I am sure you are aware, it is always a learning experience. I'm sure you are still great out there.

    I am also super jealous of how you are learning so many different languages. That just blows my mind. Is there a translation for "umgawa" in Krio? I hope everything keeps going well. Can't wait for your next post!

    All the best,