Saturday, July 10, 2010

They call this the Honeymoon

>> So, let me explain my post title. I'm happy :) We just completed our first week of teaching summer school and not only did I (admittedly) do very well, but after grading my tests, I have a very respectable curve of children that understood and those (that sat in the back) that did not, aka, I'M A GOOD TEACHER! I was so worried after the Micro Teach (see previous blog post) that Summer School was going to be a disaster, but the experience has been really rewarding already. The students call me "Mr. Meeker" with respect in their voices. My colleague Erin's lecture was greeted with talking and jeering throughout her lecture so when it was my turn I scolded the children. You could hear a pin drop. When I finished my lecture forty minutes later, the children stood and clapped for me. Perhaps a little much, but it was encouraging to have the students respect me. Most of the trainees have settled in pretty nicely, i.e. we're past most of the initial bumps and are sailing until site. I'm concerned about my site, actually, because only 28 of the 39 sites are ready for us and also the general lack of information thus far disclosed about them. We go on our site visit in a week or two and it's apparently usually a big let-down for trainees because: (1) They get to the smooth-sailing part, get comfortable and then (2) encounter a site that doesn't meet their expectations and (3) begin to worry about it, etc. WE SHALL SEE. My family continues to be wonderful as does my love for the people here- there is ALWAYS music playing and it is ALWAYS in regards to a celebration. For example, at a party I attended for a child's first birthday, where in America you might have some music quietly in the background, Sierra Leone means that the music is LOUD and it is BANGING, aka not appropriate for anyone under 17. (I hope you get my meaning as to the vulgarity of the music) but my point is, MUSIC is HUGE here and I LOVE it. I continue to want your letters and e-mails and messages; they keep me sane and make me smile :) I love and miss you all.


  1. "Mr. Meeker" HA! I'm so happy things are finally starting to come together for you.

  2. Glad to see you're enjoying yourself. What are these sites you're talking about? Just curious.

  3. So glad music is a big part of their life there, and that your students are respecting you. I knew you'd be great!!!! Keep the posts coming Meeker Bear!! Chin up!! Love you!!