Saturday, October 23, 2010

"Mr. Meeker is a Good Teacher!"

>> That's right. The students say I'm a good teacher. The first four weeks have gone really well, I've given three quizzes and again gotten bell curves on them, with their "big" test coming up on Tuesday. It's really not much bigger than the quizzes (a limitation on these not being printed tests but being me writing questions on the board so you can' really ask more than seven questions) ((I'm asking seven questions)). The last few weeks have of course had their share of memorable moments, a small spell of sickness (less than a day) in which I felt so dizzy I thought the bed was flipping over sideways. Fun. I drank beverage with complete strangers in my friend's village, watched some tremendous thunderstorms, made friends with some of my fellow teachers, and on Thursday the 21st, my birthday, watched as about sixty Africans converged on my property and danced into the night. Staff members arrived first and we requested some music on Capitol Radio (my favorite) and then the children arrived. They are continuously amazed at my dancing skills (skills? hmmm.). I got to DJ for about ten minutes and loved it although the kids didn't know the music (of course) and it's not what they're used to (of course) but my friends were going crazy and it felt amazing (and like home :) I would write more, but my battery is dying. Such is life. In conclusion, I did not think I would be celebrating a birthday (ever) in Africa, but I found myself having the time of my life here and as I've said before, for every moment that I struggle, waiting just a little amount of time usually lends itself to something amazing and beautiful. I love and miss you all.

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