Saturday, January 29, 2011

But Seriously..

>> I felt the need to write another post since the last was so dark. I'm also now working on a variety of projects, some personal and some public. I have been funding work around my house, including the construction of a palava hut in the front of my house (which I have been told will be necessary in the very-hot dry season) as well as putting some tile in my toilet. The space where I shower every morning was reminiscent of a dirty cement closet and even though I never "touched" the walls while showering, psychologically it was a mess. I budgeted some money and bought tile to put on the walls of my "shower" and now, while I still don't touch the walls, it gives the impression of a very clean shower and I can scrub the tiles much easier than I could clean rough cement // I've also been putting together the details for when my parents come in late March. I'm really excited for their visit but also going a little nutty trying to think of every possible problem that could come up. I'd like to be completely casual about the trip, but whenever I have misjudged Africa in this manner, I have gotten burned. Some of the volunteers and I have personified Africa as a Cruella Devil or Ursula character, that while she's "fair," that she's alllllways watching. In any regard, I'm working on planning out my parent's itinerary as well as (shhhh) my own, pending approval from a bunch of people for a possible trip home in July... But we will see. I love and miss you all!

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  1. I'm glad to hear about the good things there, especially that you will be able to visit with your parents. Keep us updated on your possible return trip in July.

    All the best,