Friday, February 11, 2011


>> There have been developments! I see you spilled your drink in excitement. I'll wait while you clean it up. K. I have turned in two proposals to the United States Embassy in regards to my secondary project. Here, our primary responsibility is teaching (at least us being education volunteers) but we are also supposed to organize a secondary project to benefit our school and our community. Some other volunteers have just begun to start thinking about the idea of maybe doing a proposal. I have two completed. Just saying. But in all honesty, the feedback has been positive and I'm hopeful that one of the proposals will be approved. Although this brought up a conversation about the typical mindset here in relation to NGO handouts, my projects are centered around chairs and desks that are desperately needed and nothing at all that could be considered a luxury item. // We've all hit what is being called 'cultural fatigue' aka 'we're tired of being frustrated and would like it to be better now kthanxbai.' In all honesty, I would say about 75% of the volunteers have gotten to a wall and are either angry, frustrated, or short of patience, but the good news is that some volunteers (myself included) are past the wall and looking at brighter pastures ahead. Or, I should say, we've found something to focus on to distract ourselves. I have a get-together at my place the first weekend in March (I'M MISSING UNOFFICIAL) and then my parents visit at the end of March. Other positive news includes my village adjusting to me (?) and less arguments / awkward moments with language. We've come to an understanding of my language skills, how fast I'm learning, and they seem to now be okay with that. I love and miss you all.. :)

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