Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Watch the Footage and Discuss

>> So there was a report on ABC. It was a 20/20 episode on the safety of Peace Corps volunteers. Go to youtube and you can find it pretty easily; I believe it's in three parts. BUT. It's bad. It made me and other volunteers very angry to see the organization that I have such a great deal of pride in made to seem irresponsible, incompetent, and unnecessary. Like any large organization (especially a government one), Peace Corps has its hiccups, but for the most part every effort is taken to ensure our safety. What the girls in those videos don't elaborate on is that they were drunk, out really late, being irresponsible, and made poor choices. They make it sound like Peace Corps owes them an apology when we are taught from the beginning to take every decision seriously and to acknowledge that, in case you forgot, (HOW COULD YOU FORGET?!), that you are not in America and that all of the rules you've learned from childhood are worthless and SAFETY is YOUR responsibility. I've made some dumb choices while here but nothing anywhere near the bad choices these interviewed girls did. Go watch it. I love and miss you all :)


  1. Bryan,
    Really ? You know that every woman in the Peace Corps who got sexually assaulted was drunk? Are you intimating that they 'asked for it' ? Shame on you.

  2. I am sorry and apologize if in my last post I seemed unsympathetic and callous. It was not my intention to criticize anyone.
    My concern was that the story was biased. What about Volunteers who have had problems that were resolved and handled professionally by the Peace Corp staff? Their stories were not told.