Sunday, May 15, 2011

Food Cravings

Here is a list of some of my current cravings:

1. Slim Jims (I never ate Slim Jims in America. Why do I crave them now?)
2. Oreos (Again. Never really ate them. But there was something amazing about my parents handing me a pack of Double Stuf Oreos from home that nearly made me cry)
3. A cold cranberry and vodka (I can't get cranberry juice. I can't really get vodka. I can't get cold drinks.)
4. Fruit (I haven't had grapes, strawberries, or raspberries in forever.. nor is it possible to. I'm gonna eat me some grapes when I get home.)
5. Chicken (I know you know I want chicken. But fish is 2,000Le and a chicken is 25,000Le sooo chicken doesn't happen. Even though they're always around me. Crowing. Being stupid.)
6. Mexican food (I can't get beef. I can't get cheese. I can't get tomatoes. I can't get chile. I can't get beans. I can't get tortillas. I can't get margaritas. Yeah.)
7. Onion Dip (Those that know me know that I make a mean onion dip. It's not angry though. But I miss it. With Ruffles. Or carrots. Ooo or celery.)
8. Pizza (I don't need to explain this.)
9. MCD / Taco Bell / Subway (The simple idea of going somewhere and being served hot food along with cold drinks, or someone making me a sub sandwich with exactly what I want is amazing to me right now. I can't wait to go back to these places, not to indulge in them like crazy, but just to.. do it. Hard to explain)
10. Cold Water (Whenever I go to Freetown, my bosses offer me cold water. And I nearly cut them off everytime with YES YES I WANT. The water I get is warm. And is all I get. The idea of putting a bottle of water in the fridge and then later drinking the water, now magically cold, blows my mind..)

I love and miss you all.

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