Thursday, May 12, 2011

The Story of Sunkist

It had been a bad day. I went to Amerigo and splurged on a can of Fanta (We're going to pretend it's Sunkist. Because Sunkist is better and everyone knows this.) I wander on home, doodily doo, and drink the Sunkist on my porch. It provides a temporary high. I crumple the can and toss it. Only 37% less grumpy. I presume that this is the end of this Sunkist can in my life. I am wrong. It ends up in my garbage.."area".. where it is grabbed by a child and he runs away with it. Apparently the Sunkist had a bigger impact on his life than mine. Now, for sure, the Sunkist is out of my life. The next day, my neighbor's youngest son is walking toward me and behind him? Being dragged? Like a bad puppy? The Sunkist can. On a string. I'll never look at Sunkist (GRR FANTA) the same way again... I love and miss you all.

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