Sunday, October 30, 2011

developments in development

>> see what i did there? clever. so, now that we're past me being pathetic for that expansive amount of time, let's get some work done. work will be starting on a staff quarters near my house that will be built to a design i drew and hopefully be the residence of the next peace corps volunteer. also commencing will be smaller projects at four neighboring schools, ranging from a new roof, a new latrine, a new building, and some physics supplies! let's get it done. i'll be back in freetown perhaps next weekend but maybe not for awhile? then thanksgiving in lunsar with some good friends, then its suddenly december.. then its suddenly 2012.. does anyone else think this is going by quickly? it also makes me think when i realize that this is halloween weekend and my friends are organizing and watching 'halloween' (THE best scary movie, period.) and probably beginning to get cold.. while here in sierra leone it continues to be.. the same. sigh. anyway. yes. i love and miss you all :)

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