Saturday, October 29, 2011

one of those things

>> so emotional stability is not a strong suit of most volunteers.. we're on our malaria medicine, constantly stressed, tired, dehydrated, grumpy, hormonal, etc., and often times lash out at others or wish we had, then doubt it later, you get my point. since my return from america, i've been struggling to get my feet under me, and i don't know whether it was simply tasting home again, or the feeling that now my return is impending, that the future is there and is suddenly only nine months away and not this massively large time away. but i'm making excuses. i made some mistakes. and i've taken the blame, and mended the bridges i'd broken. there's still two bridges i'm working on, but again, rambling. in conclusion, i feel like now, without boils on my feet, rabies, and revelry in freetown that left me emotional, that i'm back. that i'm centered, and focused. i realize that sounds cliche and a little foolish, but it's the truth. i now recognize the time left here is finite, that i have work to get done and people to spend my time with because in all too short a time, this will be in the past. i love and miss you all :)

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