Friday, April 15, 2011

It was like Christmas..

>> Gifts arrived. I posted a fb status about my parents visit to Sierra Leone and my desire that if any friends wanted to (and had not been able to) that they could mail my parents something and they would bring it along to Sierra Leone with them. I received many gifts, some small, some big, some funny, and some genuinely thoughtful. It continues to remind me that although across an ocean, you honestly care. This isn't to say that those that didn't send any gifts don't care about me (although I wonder..), but there are times when this experience leans more toward frustrating than rewarding. Coming home to a letter, to an invitation, to a postcard, to glow sticks, to a letter from a close friend.. It's a reminder not only that this experience is temporary, but that right now, in America, there are people rooting for me. I want to elaborate on this, but in a separate post about my parents' visit. Thank you SO MUCH for your gifts. I love and miss you all :)

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