Monday, April 11, 2011

The River

>> We went to the river. The river Mabuli (the spelling probably incorrect) is about half an hour away (in Sori Bangura's awesome old Nissan Patrol) and it's pretty amazing. The image you have of Africa (of that savannah and some antelope, also: Simba) is completely contrasted by this river. a pretty good sized river and we were able to swim, go through some rapids, and get in a wooden boat carved from a tree. It felt completely foreign to my village experience, being in a boat and slowly drifting around like an explorer. We brought some beers with us (and of course Sori had one while he drove) and relaxed on the shore. I've been twice now, once with Meghan, Alli, and Jimmy, and this past time with my parents. On both occasions, the words, "This is beautiful" were uttered. The road to the river is remarkably bad at times, but I'm really finding that spending time with Sori is really rewarding, both in that we can talk about the SAME alma mater, but also in that he is a remarkably focused and motivated man, despite his age. He's a role model, and someone I glad I found :) I love and miss you all.

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