Tuesday, April 19, 2011

the sequence

me and you
me and a decision
me and goodbyes
me and chicago
me and washington, d.c.
me and new friends
me and sierra leone
me and a new life
me and the rainy season
me and dj'ing sierra leone nightclubs
me and gbendembu
me and cockroachs / termites / mosquitos
me and insect killer
me and palm wine
me and new friends
me and gbendembu baptist secondary school
me and a chalkboard
me and blank faces
me and speaking slower
me and m5 dance parties
me and a new puppy named Queen
me and my birthday
me and belonging :)
me and the holidays
me and resolutions
me and frustrations
me and more palm wine
me and my parents
me and the dry season
**we're here**
me and planning / packing
me and an airplane (wtf is an airplane?)
me and chicago
me and you


  1. Can we pretend that airplanes, in the night sky are light shooting stars...

    I really like this post. I lack creativity, and you just gave me an idea for a next photography project (if I remember to actually do it).

    Three months. :(

  2. That'd be "like" shooting stars. Oops.